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Fancy Gloss “Glowing Icicles”

Well here is my very first blog post! I am so excited to begin this journey! I love writing and painting my nails so this combines them all into one! I am sharing with you one of my all time favorite makers…this is the maker that sent me down the rabbit hole that we know as indie nail polish. 

I present to you Fancy Glosses Glowing Icicles! 

This polish is absolute magic! It is a beautiful lavender microglitter. Now I normally don’t like microglitters because they are textured…BUT! This one was almost completely smooth! There was a tiny bit of texture but once you had on top coat it was barely noticeable. 

Ignore the boo-boo on my pinky…didn’t notice that until the next day ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Pictured is two coats and a quick dry top coat. This polish seriously is so sparkly. But wait there’s more…IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!!! Where was this when I was a kid?!? 

This isn’t the greatest picture but it’s the only one I snapped. This was after it being under a lamp for about 30 seconds. You should see it “fully charged”! It glows a bright cyan blue after being in the sun for a little bit. 

This polish will be restocked in the near future! If you would like to check out her other polishes you can find her Instagram @fancygloss 

She also has a restock coming up in May so pay attention to her Instagram for details on that as well! Be advised her polishes sell out quick! 


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