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Fancy Gloss “Mixed Feelings”

So today I would like to share with you all another gorgeous Fancy Gloss that I found in a destash. This polish is no longer available but I wanted to share it anyways because it is gorgeous! It is called Mixed Feelings and is a beautiful thermal holo. 

When warm it is a beautiful pale pink and when cold it is a gorgeous lavender (edit…since I got this polish in a destash it was older and I hadn’t seen a photo of the original…well I did and I realized it doesn’t shift like it used to. Which is fine with me I just don’t want to give you all false info. So it’s really supposed to shift to a beautiful blue). It also has a very delicate silver holo throughout. 

The application was super smooth…as it always is with these polishes. Shown in each of these pictures is two even coats. Since this is such a light color one coat was a little sheer but two was completely opaque. This polish changes so easily as well so it was SUPER hard for me to capture the thermal change on camera. There is a video on my Instagram though that shows it! So be sure to check that out. Also Jackie has a restock coming up the end of this month! Be sure to go check out her Instagram for more info on when that is and what polishes will be available! 

Fancy Gloss: @fancygloss

Me: @nailcouture_91


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