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Dried Flower Nail Art

Hi everyone! So I did some fun nail art that I figured I would share with you all. I saw a couple people on Instagram using real flowers in their mani’s and I instantly wanted to try it! What do you think?

These flowers were growing in my back yard! How pretty are they?!?

So all you do is pick your flowers and press them. If you don’t know how to press flowers you basically make sure they are lying flat on a piece of paper and then place another piece of paper on top of them. Then you place a bunch of heavy books on top of them and leave it for a while. I usually leave it overnight.

So after I had my pressed flowers I painted my base which was Snow Queen by Fancy Gloss. Pictured is ONE COAT!!!! How amazing is that?!? If you need a good white I definitely recommend that one! So once that dried I painted on my top coat…while it was still wet I applied my dry flowers and gently pressed them down using a rubber orange stick so they were stuck to the top coat. At this point my flowers totally changed color too! They were a bright coral and they turned light pink from the top coat. So keep in mind that your flowers might change color.

I trimmed off the excess flower and then I applied the same top coat on top of my flowers and the rest of my nail and then added some sparkle with Fancy Glosses Holo Top Coat Remix! How easy is that?

For more information on Fancy Gloss and her products check out her Instagram and be sure to follow me as well!

Me: @nailcouture_91

Fancy Gloss: @fancygloss


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