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Blush Lacquer’s July COTM

Hey everyone! Tonight I’m SUPER excited to share with you Blush Lacquer’s color of the month for July! This color is called Evening Sparkler and it is absolutely stunning. Let me just tell you that this color is soooo much prettier in person!

This is a beautiful deep blurple with a gorgeous reddish shimmer with some bigger orange gold holo throughout. This polish was so beautiful especially in the sunlight! As soon as I took this polish out of the package I was stunned! It was so stunning!

All of these pictures were taken indoors in my light box. The application for the most part was very easy! The only trouble I had was because the brush wasn’t as thick as what I’m used to so I had to do a little adjusting to figure out how to get enough polish on the brush. And everything applied amazingly after I figured it out. I talked to the owner of Blush Lacquer’s about the brushes and she said eventually she wants to change her brushes but is waiting until her business grows a little more. These polishes are definitely worth it though! Pictured is two coats.

These pictures are in direct sunlight. This polish is so sparkly! And the holo is gorgeous! There is a slight texture because of the larger holo in the polish but I used one generous coat of top coat and there was no texture at all!

So this polish will be available on July 1st at 12am EST. This color along with her brand new Blush Box (which I will have a blog post about tomorrow sometime) will be available then! There are limited amounts so make sure you nab them!

Here’s the links to her etsy shop and Instagram…make sure you check it out!

Etsy Shop:


*This polish was provided to me for an unbiased and honest review. All opinions in this blog post are mine and mine alone.


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