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Blush Lacquer’s Blush Box

Okay so tonight I want to share with you a BRAND NEW thing from Blush Lacquer’s! This month she is debuting the BLUSH Box…the BLUSH Box is a “box” (it might come in a bubble wrapped envelope instead of a box) of three polishes. These polishes will be limited edition and there will only be about 20 boxes made! So if you want any of these polishes you’d better get them while the gettin’s hot! The BLUSH Box will retail at $27. Okay enough of the logistics lets move on to the polishes!!! Warning this post is going to be picture heavy!

First up we have Cape ‘N’ Veil…this is my personal favorite from this box!

This polish is a gorgeous burgundy with some beautiful blue flakies and lots of holo! Like I said this was my favorite out of this box!

This picture was under my lightbox. This color was super hard to capture it’s true beauty indoors…it looks way prettier in real life.

These pictures are in direct sunlight 💕💕💕

The application process was super smooth! Pictured was two thin coats with top coat.

Next up is Cryptic Orange.

This polish is BEAUTIFUL! It sparkles in every lighting that I saw it in! This is an orange that leans toward a burnt orange. It has plenty of holo and gold flakies that add a wonderful touch to this color.

Underneath my lightbox.

Underneath direct sunlight! My camera didn’t even want to focus it was so sparkly!

This polishes application was also super easy and went on very smoothly! Pictured was two thin coats plus top coat. This polish did have a slight texture but was completely smooth with one generous coat of top coat.

Last but not least is Treasure by the Seaweed.

This polish was lovely! I know this is so weird but this reminded me of the Drowned God from the GOT books 😝 This was a gorgeous light turquoise with scattered silver holo and some copper glitter squares and hexes. It also has some blue shimmer in it as well!

Underneath my lightbox.

The sun had started to set by the time I was able to get these pictures so this is more indirect sunlight than direct sunlight.

So normally I don’t really care for polishes with shaped glitters in it but I felt like the square and hex glitters were very tasteful in this polish. There weren’t too many and I didn’t have to fish for them either! The application was super easy as well and went on wonderfully! Pictured is three coats with top coat. This polish had a visible nail line with one and two coats. Three coats covered pretty well…I could only see my nail line when I held my nails up to the sunlight.

Well that’s it for this box! It will be released tomorrow July 1st at 12am EST. She should have these boxes every other month or so. Make sure you check out her Instagram and etsy shop in the links below.



*These polishes were bought with a bloggers discount in exchange for my honest review.

**All opinions stated in this post are mine and mine alone.


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