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Grace-full HHC Custom

Today I want to share with you the custom that Grace-full polish did with Hella Holo Customs (HHC)! If you haven’t heard of HHC they are a Facebook group that LOVES holo! So each month they invite a maker to bring us some beautiful custom polishes packed with holo and sparkle. This polish is called Eternal Sunset…it was my first Grace-full polish and I was super impressed with the formula!

This polish is a gorgeous maroonish red jelly and it is PACKED with gold flakies! It is also full of holo as well!

My jaw dropped as soon as I started applying this polish! It was super smooth and I didn’t have to fish for the flakies at all. Shown is two generous coats and top coat.

This macro is in direct sunlight. I’m not sure what happened to my full mani picture in the sun 😝😂 I couldn’t stop staring at my nails while I was wearing this polish! It was amazing!

If you’re interested in joining HHC you can find info on their public Instagram page @hellaholocustoms


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