Dreamland Lacquer · holo · Indie Nail Polish

Dreamland Lacquer’s 

Okay so as promised I have some more Dreamland Lacquer’s to share with you!

First up is Out Damned Clot!

This polish is a beautiful red that tends to lean more pink in the lighting I had it in.

This was indoor lighting.

This is direct sunlight. This polish is super sparkly and the formula was AWESOME! Pictured is one coat of pure beauty! This polish is packed with holo and it’s application is super smooth.
Next up I want to share with you Figgy Pudding. This is one of my favorites out of the three I own!

So these pictures were a little dim and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me…then I remembered that I turned my lamp off to take regular lighting pictures of my nails and forgot to turn it back on 🙈 the life of being a mom of a one year old 😂

In my light box.

This polish is a beautiful regal plum jelly with lots of copper flakies and copper shimmer as well.

Indirect light indoors.

Direct sunlight.

Pictured is three thin coats. I probably could have gotten it completely opaque in two coats if I had done thicker coats. The application was super smooth as well!

Make sure you check out Dreamland Lacquer’s Instagram @dreamlandlacquer She has a new collection coming out on July 22!


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