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Vapid Lacquer Snow Fox

Okay so last post for the night. I want to leave you all with an oldie from Vapid Lacquer. This has been a lemming for me and I finally squashed it during the annual purge Krys did and thanks to a lovely group member who helped me out since my internet wasn’t cooperating with me 😝 Anyway! This is the beautiful elusive Snow Fox!

These pictures are three coats and top coat. This is a beautiful white jelly and as you can see it isn’t fully opaque. I tend to use pretty thin coats when I polish so I’m sure if I had laid it on thicker it would have been more opaque. As you can see there are also a lot of beautiful different flakies in this polish as well. There are some grey, brownish, and gold/copper flakies. There is also a slight holo in the polish that was only visible in the sunlight.

I then redid them later with white undies…mainly because I want my bottle to last as long as possible! This was two thin coats over one thin coat of Snow Queen by Fancy Gloss. The application of Snow Fox was super smooth as well!

Annnnd I just realized my outdoor shot is gone πŸ˜‚ oh well 😝

I hope you all enjoyed this beautiful polish! Make sure you check out Vapid Lacquer as well!


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