Don Deeva Varnish · Flakies · Indie Nail Polish · Solar

Don Deeva Varnish

Okay so I got my first Don Deeva’s yesterday! I LOVE these polishes! They are super sexy! I am going to share two of them with you tonight.

First up is Read My Lipstick…

This was a custom for the Don Deeva Facebook group and boy is it lovely!!! Below is the inspiration picture and I feel like it is SPOT on!

This polish was a beautiful pink jelly full of gold flakies and also a tiny bit gold holo.

This is indoor lighting.

Direct sunlight.

The application was super smooth. Pictured is two coats and top coat. It did dry slightly matte but it glossed up beautifully with top coat!

Okay so next up is a fun little polish called Kotton Kandi. This polish is a solar and it was soooo fun! I had a ton of fun playing around with this one!

This polish indoors is a lovely off white with lots of rainbow flakies and holo.

Outdoors this beauty transforms into a gorgeous hot pink!


Outdoors fully transitioned! 😱 I LOVE this polish! It’s so fun!

The application was smooth as well and dried with the same finish but was super shiny with top coat as well!

I am looking forward to trying out more of their polishes! I just got Omertà and can’t wait to play with her!

You should also check out the Don Deeva’s Instagram @thedondeeva and if you want to get in on group customs check out their Facebook group Deeva La Familia.

Also to see Kotton Kandi in action and some exclusive sneak peeks of it as well check out my Instagram @nailcouture_91

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