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Blush Lacquer’s

So today I want to share with you two new colors from Blush Lacquer’s! These polishes are absolutely stunning and you definitely need them!!

First I want to share with you the August Color of the Month. This is Behind the Curtains Shadow…a beautiful hunter green full of gold holo and copper flakies!

This polish was SOOO gorgeous! I’m not normally a huge green person but this one caught my eye.

Indoor lighting…

Ugh! I feel like this polish just glows! Even indoors!

Direct Sunlight…

The application of this polish was super smooth and very easy! I didn’t have to fish around for anything and the polish wasn’t too thick or too thin. Shown is two coats and top coat. Also there was not obvious staining.

Next I want to show you Eye of the Soul. This is part of the Power and Beauty Collection and it is my absolute FAVORITE out of this collection! This polish was inspired by the Goddess Psyche, who was the Goddess of the soul. All of the polishes in the Power and Beauty Collection are all inspired by powerful Goddesses!

This polish is absolutely STUNNING! It is a gorgeous lavender with a beautiful mint green shimmer. I’ve already worn this polish a couple times and each time for more than two days! Which is a record for me 😂

Indoor lighting…

Every time I see this polish I die a little bit!

Outdoor lighting…

Look at that shimmer!

The application for this polish was perfect as well! It was very smooth and wasn’t too thick or thin either. It also smoothed out very nicely and didn’t leave any obvious brush strokes. There was also no staining that I noticed. Pictured was two thin coats and top coat. This polish was a little sheer and there’s a tiny bit of VNL but I think with either thicker coats or one more thin coat it would be completely opaque.

Both of these beautiful polishes along with the rest of the Power and Beauty Collection can be purchased in Blush Lacquer’s etsy shop on August 5th! So make sure you set your alarms!!! Also keep your eyes and ears open for info on the second Blush Box that will be releasing later on this month as well!

Blush Lacquer’s Etsy Shop:

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Blush Lacquer’s Instagram: @blushlacquers

*Press Sample

All polishes were either provided to me free of charge or with a blogger discount. All opinions stated in this blog are mine and mine alone.


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