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Fancy Gloss Mystery Box Prototypes

So I’ve never been disappointed with any of the Mystery Box protos that I’ve received from Jackie! These boxes usually go SUPER QUICK so if you’re lucky enough to nab one then that’s awesome! I’ve collected a lot in destashes as well.

So first up I want to share this gorgeous pink proto that I got in a destash.

This is a stunning rose packed with lots of holo. I’m thinking this is pretty close to Sunset Place also by Fancy Gloss but I haven’t actually compared them side by side yet. Eventually I will 😂

Indoor lighting…

Ugh! The holo in this polish is simply AMAZING!

Direct Sunlight…

This polish is one of my new favorites! This was two thin coats and top coat but it was completely opaque in one. The application was smooth as always and there was no obvious staining! Removal was a breeze as well!

Next up I have a gorgeous purple proto, that I also got in a destash…

This polish is a beautiful medium purple packed with holo!

Indoor lighting…

Direct Sunlight…

Look at that holo in the sunlight! Oh my gosh! I LOVE it!

This polish was completely opaque in one coat but I used two coats and top coat out of habit. The application was smooth as butter. There was no obvious staining and removal was a breeze!

If you have yet to try a polish by Fancy Gloss what are you waiting for?!? Go try it now!!!!


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