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Here Comes Fall Part 3

So today I want to share with you the third polish in my Here Comes Fall series. This polish is by FAR one of my favorite polishes! It is by Nvr Enuff Polish and it was my first and has quickly become one of my favorite brands!

Blackberry Wine…

This polish is just absolutely stunning!

Light box…

Direct sunlight…

This polish is pure magic! It is a beautiful purple and reminds me of a squished blackberry…so this polish definitely lives up to its name. It is a gorgeous linear holo and it has what I believe is some teeny tiny holo glitters or flakes or something magical lol

This polish was a dream to apply…it went on like butter and their brush is amazing as well! I know some people don’t like them but I have wide nail beds so the big flat brush is perfect for me! (I believe that they also give you the option when you order to request a thinner brush and they’ll add it to your order 😊) There was no obvious staining and removal was easy. Also side note I got this polish in a destash so the label is a little faded. A brand new bottle won’t have a faded label like that.

I don’t think this polish is in stock anymore so if you see it in a destash get it!!! You won’t be disappointed…you will be if you don’t get it though 😂😘


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