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Blush Lacquer’s Sherlock Collection Part 5

Next up I have another beauty from the Sherlock Collection by Blush Lacquer’s!


I present to you Watson…

Watson – “Can we not do this this time?”
Sherlock – “Do what?”
Watson – “You being all mysterious with your cheekbones and turning your coat collar up so you look cool.”
Sherlock – “I don’t do that.”
Watson – “Yeah, you do.”


The relationship between Watson and Sherlock is absolutely EPIC! They feed off of each other and egg each other on. Yet they also build each other up and spur each other to do greater things…kind of…okay basically Watson does to Sherlock lol But in his strange way I believe Sherlock does for Watson as well. Through it all Watson is a faithful and true friend and this beautiful chocolate brown is a good representation of his steadiness.


Under a light box…


This was two buttery coats and top coat. There was no staining and removal was easy peasy.

Here is a macro of the stamping I did…Like I said these polishes stamped best over lighter colors so it was really hard to see the stamp in my regular mani picture…and barely visible in the macro…


I stamped using Watson over Sherlock. Watson stamped extremely well…there wasn’t any finagling needed 🙂 Also the lighting is slightly weird because I was trying to get the stamping to show up…both colors are depicted accurately but my skin is washed out a bit.


Here is the water marble I did…


I used Watson by Blush Lacquer’s and Clearwater by Pipe Dream Polish on top of Sherlock also by Blush Lacquer’s. Again it was hard to capture the brown on top of the blue in my macro…the colors are PRETTY close to accurate but are slightly washed out…I was mainly trying to capture the pattern.

Also I did these REALLY late at night so I forgot to matte the rest of the polishes 😛 Oh well…

The Sherlock Collection along with the November Blush Box (there will be limited quantities of this so if you are wanting to get your hands on this you best be quick!) featuring…Tonic Polish, MDJ Creations, and Heather’s Hues, and the November Color of the Month, will release on Thursday, November 3, 2016! You definitely don’t want to miss out on these beauties!

In addition to all this amazingness there will be a Black Friday sale! It will begin on Friday November 25, 2016 at 12am EST and will run until Monday, November 28th at 11:59pm EST. Use code BLUSHBF10 for 10% off ANY order! ALSO!!! Any purchase over $27 will receive a free mystery polish! So don’t miss out on these amazing deals!
Below are links to her Etsy Shop, Instagram, and Facebook fan page!
Etsy Shop
Facebook Fan Page


I hope you guys enjoyed my review of this polish and hope that you’ll check out my instagram for more pictures and also for some fun giveaways that will be coming in the near future!
***I received these polishes as a press sample. All opinions and words in this blog post are mine and mine alone.


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