Crowstoes · Glitter · Indie Nail Polish · Multichrome · press sample

Crowstoes Mjölnir 

Lastly but definitely not least I have a new addition to the Nine Realms Collection. I present Mjölnir… This polish is just beautiful! It is a gorgeous rusty red that shifts to orange. It also has some tiny red, purple, gold and orange glitters! Lightbox… Outdoor lighting… (Still no sun 🙄) I absolutely love this… Continue reading Crowstoes Mjölnir 

Crowstoes · Glitter · Indie Nail Polish · press sample

Crowstoes Over and Over

So next up I have my absolute favorite from the Halloween collection! Over and Over… JUST LOOK AT IT!!! This polish has a purple jelly base and is chock full of purple and orange micro glitters…now you may be thinking ugh micro glitters but let me assure you this dries completely smooth! The first time… Continue reading Crowstoes Over and Over

Crowstoes · Glitter · Indie Nail Polish · Multichrome · press sample

Crowstoes Murder in the 2nd

I’m back with more from Crowstoes! This color tied as one of my favorites! This is also from the Halloween 2016 collection. I present to you Murder in the 2nd… This polish was soooo pretty! It has a deep dark purple base and is SUPER shifty! Lauri is the queen of shifty polishes…she always hits… Continue reading Crowstoes Murder in the 2nd

Crowstoes · Flakies · Indie Nail Polish · Multichrome · press sample · Shimmer

Crowstoes Death Warmed Over

Hi everyone! I am super excited to show these colors to you. I was recently approached by Madame Crow (as I so fondly like to refer to Lauri from Crowstoes) and asked to swatch for her! I was absolutely EXSTATIC! Crowstoes has been a favorite of mine for quite a while and I was honored… Continue reading Crowstoes Death Warmed Over

Crowstoes · Flakies · Indie Nail Polish · Shimmer

Crowstoes Lil Miss Sunshine

I wanted to share another polish with you today by Crowstoes polish…if you don’t have this one you should! I LOVE IT! Lil Miss Sunshine… This polish is literally so GORGEOUS! It is a light purple PACKED with silver flakes and shimmer! Did I already say that I LOVE this polish?!? 😂 Lightbox… Direct sunlight…… Continue reading Crowstoes Lil Miss Sunshine

Glitter · hella holo customs · Indie Nail Polish · Vapid Lacquer

Vapid Lacquer One Love HHC Exclusive 

So today I want to share with you all this lovely polish by Vapid Lacquer that I was able to get my hands on…this was an exclusive for Hella Holo Customs and it is STUNNING! One Love… This polish is so gorgeous! It is a beautiful cherry red with scattered holo and teeny tiny iridescent… Continue reading Vapid Lacquer One Love HHC Exclusive