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Crowsmas 2016 Part 4

For the final installment of Crowsmas 2016 I have my ABSOLUTE favorite out of the whole collection! I am going to need like five back up bottles of this baby!


I present “Instant XMAS (Just Add Nails)”…




This polish is absolutely AMAZEBALLS!!! I pulled this out of the box and literally squealed like a little girl lol It’s like bottled magic!

This polish has a clear base and is full of iridescent glitters of all different sizes! It can be worn alone…but you will have visible nail line. It can also be worn as a topper over just about any color! And the best part is it’s like a chameleon and looks different depending on what is underneath it! (unfortunately I only had time to swatch it over one color but if you check out the Crowstoes Facebook fan page there are lots of different pictures of this beauty over a TON of different colors…I’ll link it in the bottom  of this post)





Direct sunlight…



Here it is matte…



Application of this polish was fairly easy…it took a little bit of finagling to get the large glitters to stay put but it’s definitely worth the extra work! Just use a light hand. Clean up and removal was pretty easy and there wasn’t any staining. Pictured is three coats and top coat.


And last but not least here is one coat over two coats of Sideswiped…


Ugh…this polish kills me…I love it so much…(have I mentioned I LOVE IT?!?!)

I hope you all love it just as much as I do and I also hope you enjoyed my review 🙂

This polish is currently available as a preorder which will be open every weekend starting Friday’s at 8am EST and goes until Sunday 8pm EST. This polish will be in stock for the foreseeable future. I will add a link for their shop at the end of this blog post.

Make sure you scoop up all your pretties before the preorder ends on Sunday! Especially if you want it sooner rather than later! And keep your eyes out for the rest of my posts coming later today about the rest of the gorgeous colors in this collection! Also make sure you give Lauri some love on her facebook fan group and her instagram!

And don’t forget to check out my Instagram for a video of “Instant XMAS (Just Add Nails)”!

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***Press Sample

This polish was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All words in this blog post are mine and mine alone


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