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Crowstoes 1 Murder Please & Hold The Glitter

Hey guys! So I have a new color for you guys! 1 Murder Please & Hold The Glitter…this one reminds me of Murder In The 2nd…which some of you guys may remember from the Halloween Collection. To me it looks like it has the same color shift but is just missing the glitters! And seeing how the names are similar I’m thinking it may be safe to assume that the color shift is pretty close? Tell me what you guys think!

Also just like my previous post this is going to be SUPER picture heavy and the pictures will be in collages.

Here is the Original Finish…

This color is a super deep greenish blue that shifts to a purple, and almost to black as well. And as the name says NO GLITTER! 😀




Natural lighting (it was pretty cloudy and the sun didn’t come out until the last finish)…


LOOK AT THAT COLOR SHIFT!!!! 😀 I’m seriously so in love with the shift in this color!


Next up I have the Linear Holo Finish…

(yes I know I’m missing sparked…there was a slight mix up back at Crow Headquarters so some little crows decided to be mischievous and swap around polishes lol 😉 If you want to see some amazingly awesome swatches of the Sparked Finish though come join us at the Crow Bar on Facebook…I have plenty of crow swatchin sisters that will have some for you! I’ll have a link to the Facebook group at the end)



If you’re a holo lover this one is for you! This gives you the holo you love and it still has some of the shift. I felt like this one got greyed out a bit more than Indian Summer did but it probably just has to do with the difference in color. The shift is still there but it isn’t quite as strong as it is in the Original Finish. I was able to capture it more in natural lighting rather than in my lightbox.




Natural lighting…

Sadly it was super cloudy so I wasn’t able to capture how sparkly this polish truly is…BUT you’re able to see the shift a bit more than in my lightbox. Take my word for it though…it definitely sparkles in the sunlight.


Last but not least…the Bleached Holo Finish…


So this one is REALLY bleached…it has a teensy bit of the color left but it’s mainly holo! I was able to get the slightest shift every now and then but it was super hard to capture on camera. It is absolutely stunning just like the rest of them 😀




Direct sunlight…

The sun finally came out!!! And then my macro lens freaked out 😛 I was going to take a new one but my nails broke and I thought it would look weird having all the pictures with long nails and then one macro with little nubs lol


The application for all of these polishes was a breeze, as with all Crowstoes. Clean up was easy as was removal. There wasn’t any staining. Pictured is two coats and top coat.

These polishes are available for preorder right now! Crowstoes has a preorder open every weekend starting on Friday’s at 8am EST and ending on Monday’s at 8pm EST. These colors should be sticking around for a while as well so no need to panic…but why would you want to wait…I mean LOOK at those stunners!!!

I hope you all enjoyed my review! Also make sure to check out my Instagram! I will be posting videos of each of these polishes soon 🙂 Don’t forget to check out Crowstoes Nail Color on Instagram and also go and join their fan group! Links provided below.

Crowstoes Website –

Crowstoes Facebook Fan Page –

Crowstoes Instagram –

My Instagram –

***Press Sample

This polish was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All words in this blog post are mine and mine alone.


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