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Crowstoes Indian Summer (New Finishes)

So next up I have Indian Summer in all it’s NEW FINISHES by Crowstoes Nail Color!!! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS COLOR!!!! Indian Summer was one of my first polishes from Crowstoes so when she said she was making new finishes I knew it was going to be love at first sight. This post is going to be SUPER picture heavy so sorry in advance! I had to get all the amazing shift in this polish…thus the insane amount of pictures lol I usually do individual images but theres so many pictures that I’m going to be doing collages.


So here is the Original Finish…

This color is so stunning! It shifts from a deep purple, to a lighter bright purple, to a orangey red.



The shift in this is so insane and it literally changes every time I move my fingers. You can see all the different colors in these pictures.


Direct sunlight…


Next I have the the Sparked Finish…


The only difference with this one is that Lauri added a teensy bit of holo to give it a little jolt! I feel like this finish is the one that kept it closest to it’s original color. It’s still has that super deep purple color.





Direct sunlight…


The next finish is the Linear Holo Finish…


This finish is exactly what it sounds like…it’s taken the regular Indian Summer and added enough holo to make it linear. This one is slightly more greyed out than the last finish. Since holo tends to gray out polishes a bit it washed the color out a little. It’s still has the insane shift it’s just a lighter purple.





Natural light (my sunlight started to fade)…


The final finish I have is the Bleached Holo Finish…

This finish definitely causes the color to be more bleached out (thus the name) but the holo in this polish is INSANE! This is probably my favorite out of the three finishes. The color is a more dusty lavender rather than the deep purple it is originally. It does still have the shift in it it’s just not as strong…but that holo payout is AMAZING!!!





Natural light (again my sunlight was fading)…

I also have NO IDEA what happened to my macros…I must have lost them somewhere 😛


The application for all of these polishes was super easy as was removal and clean up. There wasn’t any staining either. Pictured is two coats and top coat.


These polishes are available for preorder right now! Crowstoes has a preorder open every weekend starting on Friday’s at 8am EST and ending on Monday’s at 8pm EST. These colors should be sticking around for a while as well so no need to panic…but why would you want to wait…I mean LOOK at those stunners!!!

I hope you all enjoyed my review! Also make sure to check out my Instagram! I will be posting videos of each of these polishes soon 🙂 Don’t forget to check out Crowstoes Nail Color on Instagram and also go and join their fan group! Links provided below.

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***Press Sample

This polish was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All words in this blog post are mine and mine alone.


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