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Crowstoes: Whoopee Cushion

I couldn’t leave Whoopee Cushion out of the action when I used it for my last post…so of course I had to give it it’s own blog post.

I was able to nab this polish in a destash recently and boy was it worth it! Whoopee Cushion is a limited edition polish and was from April 2015’s A Box Indied and the theme was April Fools. So if you see this baby in a destash grab it!

Whoopee Cushion…



My light for my lightbox was being really strange so the first few bottle shots look like they lean a bit orange but it’s truly a bubble gum pink.



This is a stunning bubble gum pink with plenty of slivery shimmer. I really love this color and it’s perfect for summer!


Direct sunlight…


Pictured is two coats and top coat. The application of this polish was easy as pie! It went on smoothly and settled nicely. Removal was easy and there wasn’t any staining. Clean up was a breeze as well.

This polish is definitely one of my favorite Crowstoes and will get a lot of use this summer!


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