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Nvr Enuff: Mary’s Merry Christmas

Today I want to share with you guys a beauty from Nvr Enuff that I got back in December. 

Mary’s Merry Christmas…

This polish was so fun! This polish is a bright cherry red with plenty of holo and little holo glitters. 


Oh man I love this polish! 

Direct sunlight…

This polish really sparkles in the sun!! 

Pictured is two coats and top coat. Application was amazing as always! Everything went on smoothly and self leveled. There wasn’t any staining and clean up was fairly easy. Removal was easy as well! 

This was a limited edition polish so if you see it in a destash go grab it! 

Make sure you check out Nvr Enuff’s Instagram and if you haven’t join their Facebook fan group to keep up with the latest things that are going on! 

Also make sure you’re following my Instagram to keep up with all my manis! 


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