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Nvr Enuff: Peace On Earth

Alright guys! Today I have one of my favorites from Nvr Enuff to share with you. I love this polish so much that I had to grab a back up bottle! This was a lovely polish created by Lynnea’s daughter (that girl never ceases to amaze!) for Christmas. 

Peace On Earth…

This is a GORGEOUS white crelly with a light scattering of holo and then lots of beautiful flakies! These are some of my favorite flakes, the combination of all the different colors and sizes really gives a unique look to this polish. 


I don’t know what happened to my sunlight pictures…I took these pictures over a month ago so who knows where they went to 😛

Pictured is two coats and top coat. Next time I will definitely do three coats but since I didn’t have a back up bottle I was trying to use as little as possible 😉 Application was a breeze as was removal. Clean up was super easy and there was no staining. 

This was a limited edition polish so if you see it in a destash you better grab it! 

Make sure you join Nvr Enuff’s Facebook fan page and follow them on Instagram to keep up with the latest and greatest things that are happening! (They have an upcoming Bob’s Burger collection so if you’re a huge fan like me you won’t want to miss it!) 

Also make sure you follow my Instagram to keep up with all my manis 😀


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