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Vapid: Snow Fox Comparison 

Hey guys! So today I have something fun for you all. I know I’ve done a post for Vapid’s Snow Fox before but I recently got a back up bottle and noticed it was slightly different. So I then found out that there had been an “oops batch” (not that it’s an oops because it’s ABSOLUTELY STUNNING)! So I decided to compare the two for you guys 😀


Just from the initial bottle shots you can tell they’re a little bit different. 

Pictured is two generous coats and top coat. You can definitely tell the difference on the nail. One is more opaque than the other, and I feel like the other one has more flakies. 

Direct sunlight…

So which one is your favorite? I definitely lean more towards the less opaque one as it does seem to have more flakies and the bit of holo shines through better. I actually loved it so much that I found a back up for my back up bottle 😉 

Sadly this color is discontinued but every now and then it’ll pop up in a destash. So be on the lookout! 

Make sure you check out Vapid’s storefront…I believe they still have some goodies available from their last restock. Also head on over to Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their latest news! There’s some pretty exciting stuff happening for Vapid right now 😀

Also make sure you check out my Instagram to keep up with all my manis! 


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