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Crystal Charity Lacquers: Blush Lacquers Duo

Today I have a beautiful duo from Blush Lacquers in conjunction with Crystal Charity Lacquers to show you guys! These polishes are part of the fundraising event for The Women’s Foundation, and they are GORGEOUS!

First up I want to show you Hear Me Roar…


This polish is absolutely stunning! It’s a gorgeous holographic magenta pink with little tiny pink and holographic glitters. And boy does it sparkle!

Direct Sunlight…

I absolutely love this polish! 

Application was super easy! This is the first time I’ve ordered from Blush Lacquers since they’ve changed their bottle and brushes and I’ve gotta say they are THE BOMB! So if their brush was ever an issue for you, you definitely need to try them again! This new brush is amazeballs! 😉 

Clean up was easy and there wasn’t any staining. 
Next I want to show you guys #girlpowered…


This is a gorgeous baby pink with lots of beautiful gold shimmer. I absolutely fell in love with this one and I’m usually not a huge fan of baby pinks. I have very few baby pinks in my collection! 

Look at that shimmer!

Direct sunlight…

Application of this one was amazing as well! Because of the shimmer brush strokes showed a tiny bit, but not near as much as some shimmers I’ve used. Clean up was a breeze and there was no staining. 

These polishes are on sale until July 9th in Blush Lacquers Etsy Shop! Make sure you check out their Instagram and Facebook Fan Group as well! Head on over to the Crystal Charity Lacquers Instagram as well to keep up with all their awesome fundraisers 😀 

Make sure you check out my Instagram as well to keep up with all my manis! 


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