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Baroness X: Magma’s

Hey guys! So today I have a couple beauties from Baroness X to share with you guys! I recently got my hands on the two Magma polishes she made for the X Army Facebook group! One is regular and one is made with Unicorn Pee! I got them both that way I could use the regular one as undies and make my UP one go further. (Does anyone else think Upper Peninsula, Michigan when you abbreviate Unicorn Pee? 😂 I always do lol) 

So first let me show you the regular one. 

Liquid Hot “Magma”…


This polish is stunning! It is a gorgeous cranberry jelly and has a shimmer that mimics Unicorn Pee. It’s definitely not as strong but it’s still shimmery. 

This polish is gorgeous! 

Direct sunlight…

Pictured is three coats and top coat. Application was super easy as was clean up. There was no staining whatsoever. 

Next I want to show you all the UP polish!


This has the same exact base as the first one. It’s a gorgeous cranberry red but rather than regular shimmer it has Unicorn Pee shimmer! 😍

The UP just makes this polish! 

Direct sunlight…

This polish is absolutely STUNNING! Pictured is one coat over three coats of Liquid Hot “Magma”. Application and clean up were a breeze and there was no staining. 

Unfortunately this polish was a limited edition but she has a bunch of other lovely polishes in her shop! Also check out The X Army on Facebook and their Instagram to keep up with new releases! 

Also make sure you check out my Instagram to keep up with all my manis! 


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