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The Soapy Chef Wax

Hey guys! So today I have a review for some wax from The Soapy Chef! I recently found indie wax and became OBSSESSED! One more rabbit hole to fall down lol 

When I was chosen to test some wax out for  Leanna I was soooooo excited! So let’s get into it! 

First off let’s talk about how they performed, and then I’ll get into the scents she sent me. Everything smelled wonderful on cold sniff, and even better once melted. A few that I thought I wouldn’t like on cold sniff I found were delicious once melted! The throw on the hard wax was amazing! I could smell it all over my little house. The scoopable wax didn’t have as strong of a throw but it still filled the one room it was melting in. 

Now onto packaging. The hard wax came in little baggies and the scoopable wax came in a little container. One thing I really liked is that the pour date was right on the packaging. Also the label is super adorable! 

And now finally onto pictures and scents!!! I didn’t get pictures of all of the scents she sent me because I got too excited and melted some before remembering to take pictures 😛 So those will just have a description and my thoughts 😀

Over The Top Brownie

Scent Description – Chocolate brownie, toasted marshmallow, cheesecake, butterscotch, sticky rice. 

I’ve got to be honest…when I saw sticky rice in the description I was like hmmmm that’s interesting…but on cold sniff and when melted it smell AMAZING! Like an awesomely decadent brownie! 

Blueberry Pie

Scent Description – Fresh blueberry jam, fresh blueberry, sugar crumb topping. 

I have to say this was one of my favorites!! It definitely smells like it sounds…like amazing blueberry pie! 

Sweet Winter

Scent Description – Peppermint, vanilla, burning fireplace, cinnamon, allspice, clove. 

This was another favorite of mine! I love peppermint and the mix of the spices in there made this one really unique! 

Cinnamon Doughnut

Scent Description – Exactly like it sounds!

This was a definite favorite of mine! Cinnamon and bakery is always a winner in my house. I’m really bummed that I forgot to take a picture of this one because it was an adorable little doughnut shape and had real cinnamon on top! It was ADORABLE! But excitement to melt it won over in my mind 😉

Key Lime Pie

Scent Description – Fresh key lime juice, sugar cookie, vanilla, pie crust, cinnamon. 

Upon cold sniff I was kind of iffy on this one, but once melted it was AWESOME! You can definitely smell the lime! 

Butterscotch Banana 

Scent Description – Butterscotch, caramel, burnt sugar, banana. 

This was another one that I wasn’t sure about on cold sniff, but of course once melted I loved it! I really liked the glitter on top of this one too! It added a cute little touch. 

Cafe con Leche Scoopable Wax

Scent Description – Coffee, espresso, milk, sweet cream, vanilla, cinnamon. 

This was an absolute favorite of mine! I love anything coffee and this didn’t disappoint. 

All of these waxes were absolutely amazing and I had sooo much fun testing them out! The Soapy Chef has launched their wax in their Etsy shop so go grab some! I’m looking forward to eventually trying some of their other products as well! Her soaps look absolutely AMAZING! 

Make sure you check out my Instagram to keep up with all my manis and other fun things! 

**All products were sent to me free of charge to test. All opinions are mine and mine alone. 


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