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Supernatural Lacquer: Sparkle On Her Face

Hey everyone! Today I want to share a polish from one of my new favorite brands!

I’ve recently been binge watching Supernatural and I discovered Supernatural Lacquer soon after that and it was love at first brush! So here’s my first purchase from them…and I have MANY more on the way 😉
Sparkle on Her Face…


This polish is SOOOO gorgeous! It’s a beautiful red jelly with silver and holo flakie shreds and also a tiny smattering of holo. 

Pictured is three thin coats and top coat. 

This polish is so squishy!!! I love it! 

Direct sunlight…

This polish is dazzling in the sunlight! 
The formula on this baby was amazing! Everything self leveled perfectly and removal was a breeze. Clean up was normal for a red and there wasn’t any staining 😀

Like I said this brand has definitely shot up onto my favorites list! So if you haven’t tried them yet you need to! Head on over to their Instagram and their Facebook Fan Group to keep up with their restocks and special releases! 

Also check out my Instagram to keep up with all my manis! 


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