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Envy Lacquer: The Indie Shop #2

Hey guys! So I recently got my hands on this beauty by Envy Lacquer in a destash. I was sooooo excited! I’ve seen people wearing this one and was always slightly sad that I didn’t know about The Indie Shop in time to nab this beauty. So when I saw it in a destash I had to grab it! 

The Indie Shop #2…


As most of you may know I’m absolutely obsessed with white crellys and this one is no exception! 

This polish is a beautiful white crelly with pink, blue, purple, and yellow glitters in different sizes. It also has a tiny hint of holo…just enough to give it some little extra sparkle, yet still be really delicate. 

Direct sunlight…

I’m in love!!!! 😍 

Application for this beauty was flawless…everything self leveled beautifully  and clean up was a breeze. There wasn’t any staining and removal took a tiny bit of extra work because of the glitter, but all in all it wasn’t too bad. Pictured is three thin coats and top coat. 

So if you happen to see this baby in a destash I’d highly recommend grabbing her! She’s worth it! 

Make sure you head on over to Envy Lacquer’s Facebook page and their Instagram to keep up with everything they’re doing! 

Also if you’re going to be in or near Texas in October I HIGHLY recommend going to The Indie Shop that will be in San Antonio! It’s worth every penny and you’ll have SO much fun! Check out their Facebook page to keep up with ticket sales and which makers will be there! 

And last but not least make sure you head on over to my Instagram to keep up with all my manis! 

**For transparencies sake…I am an admin for the Envy Lacquer fan Facebook page. This review is MY honest opinion on this polish. 


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