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Nvr Enuff: Midnight Aurora

Today I have a beauty from Nvr Enuff to share with you all!  So I wasn’t 100% sure that I would like this polish…but I was sooooo wrong! I’m glad I picked it up as it was a limited group custom through Indie Polish Lovers United.  Midnight Aurora.. LED lighting… This polish is a gorgeous… Continue reading Nvr Enuff: Midnight Aurora

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Envy Lacquer: Don’t Be A Seawitch

Product was purchased by me.  Today I have a stunner from Envy Lacquer to share with you all! Warning…LOTS of pictures ahead! Don’t Be A Seawitch… LED lighting… This is a gorgeous deep violet with lots of holo, pink and green flakies, and on top of that it has this amazing pink flash!  Look at… Continue reading Envy Lacquer: Don’t Be A Seawitch

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Hare Polish: Inverse Universe 

Today I have a beauty from Hare Polish to share with you all! Sadly this brand is no longer in business but sometimes they’ll pop up in destashes. So keep an eye out! Inverse Universe… LED lighting… How adorable is the label!?!?!?! This polish was from September ’15’s A Box Indied. This was definitely a… Continue reading Hare Polish: Inverse Universe 

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Supernatural Lacquer: The Witches Heart

So I’m lying here in bed wide awake and decided rather than laying here bored out of my mind why don’t I get a jump start and write tomorrow’s blog post? I mean it is past midnight so I guess it technically is tomorrow.  So today I want to share with you all a beauty… Continue reading Supernatural Lacquer: The Witches Heart

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Lavish Polish: Sweet Yummy Gummy

I’m finally back after our family vacation this weekend! We had so much fun but I’m glad to be able to get back into our routine.  So today I want to share with you all this gorgeous beauty from Lavish Polish! This was an exclusive that came in the VIP bag for The Indie Shop… Continue reading Lavish Polish: Sweet Yummy Gummy