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Supernatural Lacquer: The Witches Heart

So I’m lying here in bed wide awake and decided rather than laying here bored out of my mind why don’t I get a jump start and write tomorrow’s blog post? I mean it is past midnight so I guess it technically is tomorrow. 

So today I want to share with you all a beauty from one of my new favorite brands, Supernatural Lacquer. 

This polish was from July’s Polish Pickup Pack. Polish Pickup has quickly become one of my favorite “boxes”. It’s not really a box because you don’t have to buy ALL the polishes. Rather you get to pick and choose which polishes you want and they all ship out together! It’s a great way to try new brands without paying shipping to everyone and their brother! (Not that that’s a bad thing! But who doesn’t like to save a little bit of money?) 

So onto the Polish!

The Witches Heart…

LED lighting…

I wasn’t totally sure I’d like this polish when I first bought it but I thought what the heck!! It’s Supernatural…I have to have it. Thank God I bought it because it’s STUNNING!!!! 

This amazing polish shifts from a beautiful purple to a gorgeous burgundy in certain lighting, and it’s got scattered holo!!! 

You can see that holo rainbow even in my lightbox! I simply adore this polish! 


The sun had begun to set when I took these pictures, so it wasn’t direct sunlight when I took these. But honestly I loved the lighting for these photos! It really brought out the burgundy shift. 

Application of this baby was a breeze! Everything self leveled beautifully. Clean up was super easy as was removal. There was no staining either. 

Make sure you check out Supernatural’s Instagram and Facebook Fan page to keep up with all their releases. 

Also make sure you check out the Polish Pickup’s Facebook page and Instagram. The theme for October is Mythical Creatures, and then November is Fandoms!!!!! (I’m just a little bit excited about that one 😉 )

And last but not least head on over to my Instagram to keep up with ALL my manis! 


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