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Vapid: Candied Apple Bobbing

Today I have a beauty from Vapid to share with you all! This is one of my favorites and I’d been searching high and low for a full bottle (my first one was more than halfway gone!) and I finally did! 

LED lighting…

Candied Apple Bobbing…

This has  a gorgeous reddish pink jelly base, in the bottle it leans more red…but on my skin it leans more pink. It also has some super tiny silver and reddish pink glitters, and has a beautiful hint of pink shimmer in it! 

I just love this polish!!! 

Direct sunlight…

Application was absolutely wonderful! Everything self leveled and beautifully and clean up was pretty easy for a red. Removal was a breeze and there wasn’t any staining. 

I believe this was an old Halloween polish and it is sadly discontinued but it’s definitely worth searching for! Vapid Lacquer is releasing some other halloween colors later this month though, and they’re only released once so you may want to go check out their Facebook and Instagram page to keep up with when the release of those will be. 

Also make sure you head on over to my Instagram to keep up with all my manis 😊 


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