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Notoriously Morbid: Halloween Advent Calendar (Day One)  

Product purchased by me, all opinions are mine and mine alone. 
Today I want to share something fun with you all! 

Notoriously Morbid did a really awesome Halloween Advent calendar based on Scooby Doo! They had the option of buying a full size calendar or a mini calendar, and I chose the full size. 

This calendar has 13 items and they are all phenomenal! Yes I was impatient and opened them all at once 😛

So let’s get on with day one! 

Ghost Clown…

LED lighting…

Today’s goodie is a GORGEOUS loose eyeshadow! 

This color is BOMB! I absolutely love these types of colors and I use them a lot for one-n-done looks. This is a rusty brown base with a green/gold duo chrome shift. 

I also did a one-n-done look for you guys. I did this look at night (as most of these will be since I have a two year old 😉 ) so the lighting is just in my bathroom. And small disclaimer…I’m still learning how to photograph makeup! It’s a LOT harder than nails! 

I really love this shadow and will have a hard time not using it all the time! I applied the shadow to my kid using my finger which really allows the duo chrome to come through a bit more than if I’d used a brush to apply it. 

If you haven’t tried Notoriously Morbid you definitely should! Their store is usually always open and stocked so go check it out. Also make sure you check out their Instagram and Facebook Fan Group

Also make sure you head on over to my Instagram to keep up with all my manis and makeup looks! 


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