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Illyrian: Betelgeuse 

Product purchased by me, all opinions are mine and mine alone. 

Today I have another BEAUTY from The Indie Shop in San Antonio! This is by far my favorite polish out of the ones that I had my polish fairy pick up for me!


LED lighting…

OH MAN! Guys!!! This polish has almost all my favorite things! It’s a purple jelly base with lots of multichrome flakies…the only thing it’s missing is a bit of holo…BUT my sister in law layered this on top of a purple holo and it was AMAZING!!! 

The flakes in this baby KILL ME!!!


The sun had REALLY started going down when I took these pictures so I found a spot in my back yard that had a little patch of light and was able to get a slightly sunny picture! The flakes really sparkle in outdoor lighting!

Application was a piece of cake, as was removal. Clean up was easy and there wasn’t any staining. Pictured is three thin coats and top coat.

If you haven’t already go check out Illyrian on Instagram and on their Facebook Fan Group! All of their polishes are top notch and really unique.

Also make sure you head on over to my Instagram to keep up with all my manis and makeup looks!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed my review ❤


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