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Tonic Polish: Quasi Stellar 

Today I have a STUNNING polish to share with you all from Tonic! This beauty was from the Outer Space themed For The Love Of Polish Box a while ago. Cool/sad (more cool than sad) story about this polish…I had set this in my nail basket a couple months ago to swatch and my son decided that my nail basket was in his way and pushed it off a barstool chair!!!! Poor Quasi paid the price 😦 But the cool part is that a wonderful nail polish lover saw my picture of the disaster and said she had an extra one and allowed me to purchase it! I was ecstatic! And I don’t say that brag…but instead to just take a moment to appreciate how amazing the nail polish community can be sometimes! There truly are sweet people out there who are willing to spread kindness to others. 

Anyway…I’m done being sappy now 😉

Onto the polish!

Quasi Stellar…

LED lighting…

This stunning polish has a Blurple base that shifts to a stunning purple. It also has a little bit of blue shimmer and some holographic flakies throughout. 

I’m seriously in love with this one! 

I took a millions pictures of this beauty! The shift is so amazing, I just couldn’t help it!
Direct sunlight…

Those flakes seriously pop in the sunlight!

Unfortunately this polish was exclusive to the For The Love Of Polish Box, it was just too pretty not to share though!

If you aren’t part of Tonic you should definitely head on over to their Facebook Fan Group and Instagram. Lots of exciting things happening (*cough cough* something to do with Golden Girls *cough cough*)!

Also make sure you check out my Instagram to keep up with all my manis and makeup looks! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my review. ❤

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