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Ruby White Tips: January 2018 Collection

Review contains Press Samples. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Hey guys! It has been a CRAZY couple of months and I’ve REALLY missed my blog! The day before we were to go out of town for the Holidays (which was already making life insane) me and my little family got in a pretty bad car wreck and our only vehicle was totaled. It was a miracle that we all walked away with nothing more than a few scrapes. So with all of that going on I really didn’t have much time to blog or paint my nails. But now that we have a temporary car, and are working with the other persons insurance company to get everything settled, I have more time on my hands to dedicate to my blog once again! 

A couple months ago Laura from Ruby White Tips (she’s an absolute sweetheart by the way) asked me if I’d be willing to swatch some polishes for her January collection. So that is what I have to share with you all today! 

Most of the polishes in this collection were named after one of Laura’s favorite songs, which I think makes it even more fun!

Cuticle Oil…

LED lighting…

This Cuticle Oil was awesome! It was really lightweight and didn’t leave my fingers looking oily. Also something I found really cool was the fact that this Cuticle oil contains arnica to help with cuticle inflammation! I LOVE arnica and use it all the time but I never would have thought to put it on my cuticles, yet its absolutely brilliant! There are also a lot of different scent options so there’s probably going to be something that everyone will like. I received the scent “Dulce Vanilla”, and it is delicious! The vanilla scent is very light and it’s not too overpowering.

Banana Brain…

LED lighting…

“Banana Brain” is a soft yellow with silver holographic microglitters scattered throughout, and was named after the song “Banana Brain” by Die Antwoord. This polish is limited and can’t be made again. So once it’s sold out it’s gone. So if you like this one make sure you grab it!

So I normally hate yellow nail polish…but I actually didn’t hate this one! I was pleasantly surprised, it didn’t look terrible with my skin and it was soft enough to where I might actually use it again. Shocking! I know!

Direct sunlight…

This baby really glows in the sun! 

Application was great, the brush on all her polishes are nice and wide which I really like. It went on well and self leveled nicely. It dried with very little texture and top coat smoothed it out perfectly. Clean up was easy and there was no staining. Pictured is two coats and top coat.

Capricorn Sister…

LED lighting…

“Capricorn Sisters” is a grey-ish lavender creme with light blue almost glass looking flakes throughout, and was named after the song “Capricorn Sister” by Mother Love Bone. 

The flakes in this one are just beautiful! They make this polish transform from a simple creme to something that is still slightly simple but with some hidden beauty that will wow you at the right angle.

Direct sunlight…

Application for this one was awesome as well. It went on smoothly and self leveled like a dream. It also dried smooth. Clean up was easy and there wasn’t any staining. Pictured is two coats and top coat.

I’m Bent But Not Broken…

LED lighting…

This one was my second favorite out of the four polishes she sent to me! But it was a tricky one to photograph…in some pictures it seemed to lean more purple than it really was and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to fix itself. So I took A LOT of pictures in many different light sources. 

“I’m Bent But Not Broken” is a beautiful magenta with silver holographic microglitters scattered throughout, and is named after the song “Undefeated” by Incubus. Unfortunately this one sold out very quickly! BUT it will be restocked in the next couple of weeks.

These pictures are definitely pulling more purple than it is in real life. 

Indoor lighting…

The lighting in my kitchen made for a much more color accurate photo. I love how you can see the tiny bits of holo shining through around the edges. 

Natural lighting…


The sun decided it wanted to hide each time I tried to get sun shots so I wasn’t able to get full sunlight which REALLY would have shown off the Holo glitters! 

Application was a breeze! Everything applied smoothly and self leveled evenly. Clean up was easy and there wasn’t any staining. It dried with very little texture and top coat smoothed it right out. Pictured is two coats and top coat.

(Edited to add in…Laura just told me that the polish having a slight texture wasn’t normal and has remedied this for the bottles in her shop. It now dries smoothly.) 

Girl Please, Ride A Unicorn…

LED lighting…

(For this polish you have the option of requesting the SFW name, which I opted for 😉 I actually really appreciated that she gave the option for both!) 

This baby was my absolute favorite out of all of the polishes she sent to me! Partly because of its name and then also because it’s ABSOLUTELY stunning!

“Girl Please, Ride A Unicorn” is a light blue with an amazing purple-y, pink-y shift to it. This is one of the few polishes in the collection that wasn’t named after a song. This polish is limited and can’t be made again. So once it’s sold out it’s gone! And believe me you need this one! So go get it! 

That shimmer! 

Direct sunlight…

So I stepped outside and I literally did a double take because it DEFINITELY looks like a completely different polish in the sunlight. I even went in and out my door several times! It was crazy! It’s not a solar polish though so there’s obviously some black magic voodoo stuff going on with this baby 😉 

Application was pretty easy. I did have to be careful about brush strokes but it wasn’t that hard. It self leveled beautifully as well. Clean up was easy and there wasn’t any staining. It dried super smooth. Pictured is two coats and top coat. 
Well there you have it! 

Make sure you head on over to Ruby White Tip’s Etsy store to nab some of these polishes. “Banana Brain” and “Girl Please, I Ride A Unicorn” are limited and won’t be coming back. So if you want those you had better get them quick! 

Also check out her Facebook Fan Group and Instagram to keep up with her latest releases!
Thank’s for stopping by and reading! Check out my Instagram to keep up with all my manis and makeup looks. 

16 thoughts on “Ruby White Tips: January 2018 Collection

  1. Those polishes are pretty but I am really intrigued by the cuticle oil with arnica! I have arnica for my sore muscles but never realized it could be used on cuticles!

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  2. Sorry to hear about your accident but thank goodness you’re all OK. The collection is amazing. The shades are definitely out of the ordinary. Hard to pick a fave but the last one – Girl Please… – is Incredible

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you so much for a beautiful article about the polishes!! It truly means the world to me. It was so hard for me to come back out with new colors after not having them in almost 2 years. Focusing on the lotions for Keratosis Pilaris, bumpy skin, was what I needed to be doing but my love for polishes is still there!!
    The cuticle oil has so many great things in it!! I still need to update the Etsy store with the new ingredient list now. I just made 2 more batches, with a few things added to the mix like Moroccan Argan Oil, Coconut, apricot, grapeseed and Jojoba oils. It makes it not so cloudy and it won’t cause a build up of greasy feeling on your nail or skin. PLUS you can use it on ANY part of the body!! Right now I have it on my dry lips. This Winter has been a game changer for dry skin. It went from Kinda dry, to oh my lordy dry! Here’s a coupon I made for Jessalyn for her readers to use for orders…….JESSALYN15COUTURE

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